About Us


What we are all about:

Reality Garage is located in Boulder Colorado. Our goal is to create and promote VR experiences (including virtual/augmented/mixed reality) to make the real world better. We believe that VR is a powerful new communication medium, and our goal is to leverage this power to make the real world a better place. As such, the VR experiences we promote and create are positive for the individual and the community. We are in the process of becoming a benefit corporation and aim to become a certified b-corp


What we are *not* about:

We are not an arcade.  Although we do have a VR lounge with systems you can come experience VR, this is not our sole purpose. It is a way to promote positive VR experiences, engage in dialogue, and find the intersection of public interests and the VR experiences that we are creating. 


If you want your VR experiences to be about killing zombies or fighting off homicidal maniacs; that is not us.